A late-afternoon start to the PostTrade 360° conference did not hold away the community from meeting up at Copenhagen Airport on Wednesday; over 130 delegates were on site for the introductory sessions. In the first break, we grabbed Danske Bank’s Ulla Bengtson and Sydbank’s Anders Kjove for chats about what they seek from the event.

Ulla Bengtson, senior regulatory change manager, Danske Bank 

What parts of the programme do you expect to be relevant for you? 

“A lot of it, actually, and my boss Marianne Sørensen will be a speaker on a panel tomorrow. It is about what goes on in the post-trade area in Denmark, but also the T+1 is very interesting and it is something that my team is working on right now.”  


“I work mainly with the Danish market and all the new regulations and the stuff that we are doing in the post-trade market to have a more international view on how we do things in Denmark.” 

Something else your organisation is changing or preparing right now?  

“We are part of things in this industry. For example, we have worked on the implementation of the SCoRE standards [Single Collateral Management Rulebook for Europe], and other things that are required and being implemented at our CSD.” 

Any colleagues you are hoping to meet? 

“Yes, we are a family, right? So, we meet up, for example people in different working groups, such as under Finance Denmark.”  

Anders Kjove, head of settlement and post trade infrastructure with Sydbank 

What are you hoping to get out of the conference?  

“I can see there is more T+1 also in the rest of the program so that is probably where I will be listening most closely,” says Anders Kjove.  

We meet Anders in the first break on Wednesday, just after a keynote specificially on T+1 by BNP Paribas’ Alan Cameron.  

“It is interesting to hear what issues we are dealing with in Europe. Many of these things are well known for us but there are also new viewpoints and aspects we have not covered so far. So, I think it is very fruitful and it gives some inspiration on how we can reduce our risk. But, of course, it is also interesting to hear that it is not necessarily all plug-and-play and all good, but that it could also bring a worsened situation.” 

For the Thursday, Anders is himself scheduled as a speaker, on a panel about Denmark’s post-trade landscape.  

“I hope it will bring some insights into the tendencies of what will change, how we will be more harmonised and how we are approaching international standards also for the local markets. So, we will share some knowledge about how we deal with it.” 

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