VIDEO INTERVIEW | Clearstream CEO Stephanie Eckermann certainly thinks so. Describing the industry as entering a cycle of accelerated digital disruption, she catches up with us at Sibos 2023 to tell us more about the technological developments the industry is looking forward to – but also some of the adaptations and risks organisations should keep in mind in the current climate.

Cloud “is not sexy anymore”, Stephanie Eckermann declares, pointing out that it’s a topic that’s at least a couple of years old by now. What’s exciting, however, is what a complete migration to cloud can do for the industry. “if you migrate to cloud, you’d be able to leverage digital infrastructures and really manage the huge amount of data that is there.” Cloud, she says is just one element out of three-level triage that is disrupting the industry, the other two being tokenisation and data.

Exciting as the development in the digital space is, it is tempered by the temperamental environment the financial industry currently finds itself in. Stephanie Eckermann names interest rates and geopolitical tensions as two factors putting pressure on the industry. “There was a very benign environment before”, but now, “we all have to learn and to refocus on these risks”.

PostTrade 360 Nordic 2024

She was on stage on the first day for “The future of securities” with:
Matthew Bax, Global head security, Citi, and
Valerie Urbain, chief business officer, Euroclear, under moderation by
Barnaby Nelson, CEO, The ValueExchange.

Sibos 2023 played out in Toronto from 18 to 21 September, with about 9,000 registered delegates. We were there, producing mainly video interviews, but also some text pieces. Overview our coverage here.