Nasdaq has completed the migration of Nasdaq Bond Exchange to Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) cloud. This is the second migration the stock exchange has carried out since it first announced its intention to move to the cloud in December 2021. The entire move is expected to take 10 years, and will involve all of Nasdaq’s North American marketplaces, as well as market data, back-office, and clearing operations.

The first marketplace to be moved was the MRX options market, which completed its migration in December last year. Besides Nasdaq workloads being moved to the cloud, a part of the migration also involves bringing AWS infrastructure into NY11, Nasdaq’s primary data centre owned by digital infrastructure firm Equinix.

Nasdaq isn’t the only stock exchange with sights set on the cloud. The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) also announced similar plans last year with the launch of a 10-year strategic partnership with Microsoft.

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