When traders noticed that BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust exchange traded fund (ETF) was added to a list on the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) website, it fuelled a surge in Bitcoin price. According to The Business Times, DTCC has since clarified that “appearing on the list is not indicative of an outcome for any outstanding regulatory or other approval processes”.

The appearance of BlackRock’s ETF on the list led to speculation that BlackRock and other pending Bitcoin ETF applicants were going to receive regulatory approval, resulting in Bitcoin’s “biggest two-day rally for seven months”, writes The Business Times.

Things calmed down after DTCC revealed that the list was an eligibility file, and that the ETF has been on it since August. The regulator claims that the file includes active and potential ETF securities, and that it is “standard practice” to add securities to the file in preparation for the launch of new ETFs to the market.