VIDEO | Tech progress will speed up … or so thinks the mainly Nordic, largely Danish, post-trade community gathered for PostTrade 360° Copenhagen 2023 on Wednesday afternoon. On stage, ISSA chief Colin Parry dug into a long list of expectation questions for the audience to answer via their mobiles. All the poll answers are here; scroll through them at the bottom or download as pdf.

Colin Parry is the Chief Executive Officer of ISSA, the International Securities Services Association. Overall, the response to his poll questions seemed more forward leaning – on anything from securities-processing tech in general to asset digitalisation – than in other parts of the world, and than the actual outcome over recent years would support so far. Generally, each question was answered by over 100 respondents in the room.

Many respondents foresee growth in the ability to utilised data they hold for new data-based services to clients.


On T+1, expectations were reasonably high. Though, few expected any notable interest for T+0 processes to emerge within the nearest five years. However, if T+0 would be explored after all, the audience overall expected it would lead to a solution based on end-of-day net settlement on trade date, rather than three other potential alternatives.

Colin’s opening keynote was titled “Drivers and shakers – The factors shaping post trade through 2024 and onwards”. The late-afternoon starting block on Wednesday was high-level focused, preparing for the full-day Thursday and its ventures into a long line of subtopics.

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