• No less than an “open, integrated platform for delivering no-touch processing, from post-execution to settlement” is in the making at DTCC, Global Custodian reports.

  • Numis Securities will deploy the post-trade processing cloud platform from Torstone Technology as it looks to automate more operations in the wake of MiFID II in Europe. The broker-dealer has signed a multi-year agreement with Torstone Technology to install Inferno, the cross-asset, post-trade platform that...

  • The International Securities Services Association (ISSA) has welcomed Broadridge Financial Solutions as its first tech vendor member to its executive board. Samir Pandiri, who recently joined Broadridge as president after leading BNY Mellon’s global asset servicing business for six years, will represent the company on...

  • In a podcast with The Block, Marty Chavez – co-head of the securities division at Goldman Sachs and formerly a data scientist on the oil desk – takes us through a history of major strategic and technological developments at his firm. Read on to see...

  • Swedish business-loan creditor DBT has launched an offer for companies to borrow money without the hassle of physical paper. This is a first, at least for the country, in digitalising the necessary promissory note, which is also the cornerstone of home mortgages. Meet Göran Almgren...

  • Splits, dividends, mergers, rights issues and IPOs … corporate actions is providing growing opportunity for new post-trade business. Automating these processes costs – but can any industry actor afford to not do it right?

  • Finlands financial IT industry sees a heavyweight move, as Juha Leinonkoski leaves his executive vice president role at bank platform provider Samlink, for a CIO and technology director position with Euroclear Finland.

  • German bank’s first use of “cash on ledger” is meant to let machines settle payments autonomously with each other, without need for human intervention.

  • Getting systems to speak with each other may not have been a top skill of securities services firms and their asset-managing clients. Until now. Swift and Boston Consulting Group see a tipping point.

  • Post-trade professionals of the Netherlands – please book 14 November for the possibility of a new conference experience, as PostTrade 360 seeks to leverage on its long-standing position in the Nordic countries.