• Not everybody is happy to meet synthetic collateral debt obligations (CDOs) again – the decade-long-lost friend of creative Wall Street institutions. Even though, this time, they are backed by corporate debt rather than crappy mortgages.

  • Rockall, a provider of technology to manage securities-based lending (SBL) and collateral, will become part of Broadridge Financial Solutions, according to plans which have been confirmed.

  • Administration of $12 billion, for 115 of Morgan Stanley’s so-called feeder funds for alternative investments, will be sold to rapidly-growing Icapital.

  • Six X-clear gets another two years as designated CCP for Oslo Børs.

  • After an infrastructure-heavy first day of the PostTrade 360 Stockholm conference, the spotlight on Thursday was directed towards the funds’ issues. Jarkko Syyrilä of Nordea saw a need for the Nordics to take over Britain’s free-market champion role in the EU.

  • In the unlikely case that nobody else would care about the Korean phonemaker's flagship launch on 8 March, the Galaxy S10 could at least give people in the custody industry some food for thought.

  • After recent news from JP Morgan – that it is launching its own dollar-pegged ”cryptocurrency” in a trial to radically boost administrative efficiencies – experts question the relevance of blockchain-enabled payments framework Ripple.

  • Evidence, mapped by Swedish public broadcaster SVT over five months, is said to show how as much as $5.8 bn could have funneled through the bank in possible money laundry related to Danske Bank's scandal in the Baltics.

  • HSBC Securities Services saw almost $2 bn in revenues in 2018.

  • The 2.000 corporate groups who are customers of payment backbone Swift could hope to save work towards the end of the year. They should then be able to share their know-your-customer information on the platform, with their banks and each other.