• Sometimes the most important issues are the least technical. We hope that you, like us at PostTrade 360, will be getting some soft weeks off.

  • Not everybody is happy to meet synthetic collateral debt obligations (CDOs) again – the decade-long-lost friend of creative Wall Street institutions. Even though, this time, they are backed by corporate debt rather than crappy mortgages.

  • Rockall, a provider of technology to manage securities-based lending (SBL) and collateral, will become part of Broadridge Financial Solutions, according to plans which have been confirmed.

  • Administration of $12 billion, for 115 of Morgan Stanley’s so-called feeder funds for alternative investments, will be sold to rapidly-growing Icapital.

  • Six X-clear gets another two years as designated CCP for Oslo Børs.

  • After an infrastructure-heavy first day of the PostTrade 360 Stockholm conference, the spotlight on Thursday was directed towards the funds’ issues. Jarkko Syyrilä of Nordea saw a need for the Nordics to take over Britain’s free-market champion role in the EU.

  • In the unlikely case that nobody else would care about the Korean phonemaker's flagship launch on 8 March, the Galaxy S10 could at least give people in the custody industry some food for thought.

  • After recent news from JP Morgan – that it is launching its own dollar-pegged ”cryptocurrency” in a trial to radically boost administrative efficiencies – experts question the relevance of blockchain-enabled payments framework Ripple.

  • Evidence, mapped by Swedish public broadcaster SVT over five months, is said to show how as much as $5.8 bn could have funneled through the bank in possible money laundry related to Danske Bank's scandal in the Baltics.

  • HSBC Securities Services saw almost $2 bn in revenues in 2018.